Shot Redline G1ZM0 Steel Tip Dart Set-80% Tungsten





Gear up your darts game with high-performance handling that’s built to smoke your opponents off the oche. Straight off the Shot assembly line in New Zealand, the Redline range features tough titanium coating and max traction grips. Fire it up, hit the Redline.

Design features


Buckle up and get ready to stomp on the gas. G1ZM0’s missile-shaped dart barrels are coated in custom gold titanium for strength, and the ultra-durable Aluminium shafts included are built to last. The design features a shallow scallop from tail to center and a next-level ring grip with broad, layered converging V cuts. There are deeper milling and phat rings on the nose for superior hold and grouping on the dartboard. G1ZM0’s pimped out with a 4/5 grip for turbocharged thrills with no spills, leave your opponents in the dust.

Additional information


23G, 24G, 25G

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