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90 ? angle, 200 micron strong, a lightweight and extremely durable. These are Bull’s Dragon Flights. The dragonflights are Milded Flights, so they consist of a cast form. This makes the flights very stable and the constant bending after a few throws is eliminated. The stable 90 ? angle between the individual pages maximizes the stability of the flight during the flight phase and thereby increases the darts’ hit consistency. The flight can easily be attached to the shaft and fixed. Suitable for all conventional shafts. In the flight there is already a recess, through which a flight ring can be attached to the shaft for even better fixation. The dragoon flights are available in this standard form in 10 different colors. A set consists of three flights. Also available in 10 slim form colors and a white and black variant of the Pear Form. The new B-GRIP-2 shafts are the ideal addition to the dragon flights. Designs are not included.

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