Unicorn Sigma Pro 970 Dart Set


The Unicorn Sigma Pro 970 Dart Set.

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Utilising the mathematics behind Unilab, Sigma darts are designed so that the barrel, shaft & flights come together to form the ultimate aerodynamic unit. Every Sigma dart has been mathematically optimised creating a range of darts with the truest flight and greatest accuracy.

The original Sigma, the Pro 970 assembled with a Sigma Pro Ti shaft and Sigma Pro flight is tuned for supreme accuracy coupled with advanced stability. Offering more forgiveness in its soul than the XL Super Pro with a more
stable flight cycle.

  • Sigma Pro 970
  • 97% Tungsten
  • Sigma Pro Titanium Side Load Shafts
  • Sigma Pro Compact Delta Flights
  • Icon Case


Weight – 21g   Length – 52.46mm   Diameter – 7.06mm
Weight – 23g   Length – 51.06mm   Diameter – 7.57mm
Weight – 25g   Length – 50.76mm   Diameter – 7.85mm
Weight – 27g   Length – 49.54mm   Diameter – 8.48mm

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Sigma Pro 970


21G, 23G, 25G, 27G


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