Target Darryl Fitton Silica Dart Set 24g


The Dazzlers Silica Dart Set from Target Darts featuring 90% Tungsten


Target 90% Tungsten Darryl Fitton Silica darts, complete with steel point, Pro Grip shafts and Target vision flights. This model is coated in Titanium Silicon Nitride – at 3600 Vickers Hardness Value, it is the hardest coating we have ever produced. As you play with Silica darts, you will notice that the coating enhances the synergy between finger and barrel, increasing the authority of your grip, and the confidence of your throw. The Dazzler is an instantly recognisable figure on the BDO darts circuit. These Pro Player darts are produced to a professional standard. Darryl is pure passion which makes him ideal for Target. Each dart is laser engraved with Target logo and the “The Dazzler” logo These darts are endorsed by Target professional darts player Darryl Fitton, and bear Target’s unique lifetime barrel guarantee.

  • Precision Ringed Grip
  • 30mm Nickel Point


Weight – 24g   Length – 50.9mm   Diameter – 7.10mm

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