Nodor Supamatch 5 Dartboard



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Featuring Nodor’s ultra-high tensile, low profile wiring system, SUPAMATCH 5 is engineered to win and exceeds World Darts Federation Specifications.
Incorporates the very latest SUPAMATCH 5 wiring, providing the ultimate combination of optimised scoring and iconic design.
Wiring system incorporates unique cross section providing managed sisal flows and reducing fibre density in the high scoring areas.
Fitted with the easy adjust Supa-Lock mounting system, the SUPAMATCH 5 fits any wall allowing you to start playing within minutes and provides for ease of rotation for extended durability.


*This board is exactly the same as a Blade 6, and has the rota-lock system on the back it’s just branded by the parent company Nodor instead of Winmau

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